Saturday, March 01, 2008


Thank you to the Totten family secret pal-I know I'm behind in the posts. We are really appreciating the gifts. It has been a long cold/flu season with much work. I hope to catch up soon.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leilani McMillin can cook!

We received this month’s gift from our secret pal, a box full of cooking goodies. We both love to cook and I really enjoy baking, so the little baking trays and spatula are going to be put to good use when Leilani can help in the kitchen. We also got a beautiful apron and matching little hot pad to look stylish in the kitchen. There’s a tiny little porcelain tea set decorated with roses for Leilani to play tea time. My favorite gifts this month were the fry pan to make heart shaped pancakes and eggs and the book about multicultural celebrations and crafts to make together. Thanks again to our wonderful secret pal, we are blessed to have someone so thoughtful.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

more wonderful gifts!

Dearest Secret Pal,

Thank you so much for the recent gifts. We were pleasantly surprised again! As you probably remember by now, I'm a big fan of celebrating holidays. The Valentine's sweater was so cute. And I've been wanting to get some Chinese dishes.

You sure were quick getting the next gift to us! The cooking stuff is sooo cute--especially that little rolling pin. The recipes in the book have the cutest names. I love that it's got sturdy pages you can wipe off. I haven't seen any little oven mitts like that before. The blue actually matches what we have in our kitchen. I can't wait to take photos of the baby in the middle of the kitchen floor "cooking." Thanks for always managing to remind us of the hope we have for what the future holds.

All the best wishes for you and your family,

John and Tara

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Shelton Family is going to have some fun!!!

Look at all of this stuff? How fun is this? Other than the sweet little apron with the ladybugs on it and Marissa's name, I think our 11 year old, Caitlin, is going to enjoy this month's gift from our SP. She loves to bake and cook. You can't imagine how excited she was to see all the different sprinkles. Purple, pink, yello and so much more and the icing pens??? There is also a tub full of animal cookie cutters and 2 recipe books - one for things to make with pretzels and the other things to make with corn flakes. You even sent cookie mix. You thought of everything. I love the apron. Caitlin had a blue one with her name on it when she was little. I am so glad that Marissa will have one also. Thank you so much for ALL of this stuff. You are so wonderful.

Thank you to Cathy's pal!

Hello secret pal, and thank you so much for this month's gifts!! I absolutely LOVE the personalized cook's hat and apron, how adorable. We also received a great set of kid's cooking utensils. I don't know where you guys find this great stuff! The first thing I saw upon opening the box was "Leah," which always takes my breath away. I can't wait for her to try them on and help mommy in the kitchen. :-) Thank you so much once again, you are the best! Love, Cathy

My beautiful gifts!!

And here is a lovely selection of "gifts": one from my Secret Pal and one from China!!

We have the sweetest Secret Pal!!!

First, my apologies for this very belated post--the New Year package was amazing!! I am trying to get the photo on this post, but no luck, so I'll do it separately! Would you look at this can--not just any old can, but beautifully decorated by my own Pal! Now I need a close-up of the can. Look at the ribbons on the handle! It was stuffed with goodies, only 2 items remain: the Ratatouille toothpicks and cupcake holders. RAT-atouille, get it?? Thank you so very much! You put so much time into every gift and we are indeed truly grateful for everything.

Warmest regards, Dawn, Mike, Hannah, Levi and Holly too!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jernigan Secret Pal

Thanks so much for the wonderful gifts this month. You are absolutely the best. We love the cookie cutters (I can't wait to bake cookies with our sweet girl!), the cute children's apron, all the sweet stuffed animals, the cute pink outfits (I just looove pink) and especially for the 100 Good Wishes! That is so, so sweet of you. I am collecting squares and these will add perfectly to my collection. We love everything you got us. Thanks also for the encouraging card. I really need that in this long wait. Thanks again! Love, LeeAnne