Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thankyou so much to the O'Briens secret pal

Dearest Secret Pal
I wanted to thankyou for the beautiful quilt that you made Anisha. It is just the cutest quilt that I have ever seen. Quilts take a long time to make and knowing that you took the time to make this for Anisha really means alot to me and it has a special place in my heart knowing it was from you. The frogs are so sweet and my boys called it awesome. I like it so much secret pal I just had to take a couple pics of it to show it off. :) The prayer friends frog is wonderful it says a prayer. I have played it over and over secret pal and I will play it for Anisha when she comes home. That was such a thoughtful gift. Again secret pal thankyou so much for the wonderful gifts you have great taste!
With my deepest gratitude