Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thank you to our Secret Pal from Kiana's parents

Thank you for the fun gifts, you did an awesome job, I love the Hello Kitty band aids and all the health aids you sent. Also the swimsuit and hula skirt are adorable. It made my day when I opened up all the fun gifts you sent Kiana. Thank you for making this wait a little easier. :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Thank You to Catherine's Secret Pal!

This month's gift contained Dora tissues, Dora band-aids (for when Hannah goes through the 'Yes Mommy, I need 20 band-aids on at one time' stage), an eyedropper type medicine dispenser, thermometer, travel first-aid kit and a really neat little bottle type medicine dispenser with a nipple in it. I hadn't seen anything like that but think it's really neat!

The package also had 2 cute little books, cotton pads, a pill divider and travel size wet ones.

Such useful items and I'll be able to take many of them with me to China. Thank you SP! There are many items on my 'to buy someday' list that I can now cross off because of your generosity. I really appreciate all the thought and care that you put into purchasing gifts each month!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Wow, are Dave and I ever lucky this 4th of July? YES! We got a box that was simply over-flowing with the nicest batch of goodies I have ever seen.
I warn you, Secret Pals, when this is all over I will track you down eventually. You deserve real live hugs and kisses for your generosity. Here we are, all of us waiting for a baby, many of us waiting for our first child, and all of us at different stages of happiness or sadness based on how we are dealing with the wait on any given day, among all the other things in our lives, and yet someone who is a complete stranger to you will go out and put real heart and love into giving you something for a child who is no more than a promise at this point, because they believe in your child, and in you. How wonderful is that? What great human beings our Secret Pals are.

I have to tell you I think I did such a rotten job for my pal with this theme, but you did great. The things you put in were so clever! I just adore the diaper disposal bags too. (silly thing to love, but no, they're just so neat!

And, I also adore Carter's clothing, but I can never find anything over 12 months! Those outfits are sooo soft and pretty.

Of course, I was so delighted to find out ladybugs were hooked up to China adoption because I have always been a fan, so I cannot wait to use this bib on my baby! (But I hope she'll be a neat eater and not mess it up!) :)

Dear, dear secret pals, we just cannot thank you enough.

We are redoing our homestudy this Saturday, and, of course, I am cleaning like mad, and fixing up Sophie's room, and making new curtains for the living room (because I just know we won't pass-muster with the old ones!); in other words, I've gone irrationally insane, just like I did the first time, which is exciting, and makes me feel closer to the end, but which is also nerve-racking and sad because we just don't know, dude, do we, if we'll have to do it again? *sigh*

Well, so, that is by way of saying that you are much appreciated this and every month, but this month you also won with perfect timing.



Monday, July 02, 2007

Thank You Secret Pal

Thank you to our Secret Pal. She sent us 3 months worth of goodies. They came in two boxes and I was lucky enough to open them in the right order. We got some cute ladybug supplies a fun bag and sippy cup. A photo album and something I had never seen before an already made scrap book that you just put pictures in. This one had a dog theme! Perfect for passing the time until Baby Blat is here. Now I actually have to print all the pictures I have taken on the boys.
This picture is full of great books, Rainbow Fish is one of my favorites, I read it to my class each year. Also a CD, PJ's, bath time blocks, soap, bubbles, travel ware, squirty toys and sunblock and cleaning wips.
So many cute outfits - you have great taste! The swimsuit is so fun. And I love the Adidas shirt, I may have to find a matching one. The boys ate their treat so quickly that I didn't get a picture of it. Thanks again and don't worry about the delay, I know how time can get away from you!

Jenni, Bob, Murphy and Boomer

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Wohlfords' CDs rock! Thanks Secret Pal!

I wanted to go ahead and say thanks for the CDs you sent. Something wierd is happening with the camera I took a picture of them with, but maybe I can post a picture of them later. I hate to post without a picture!

I am sad to say that my kids at school are getting to enjoy them before my sweet babies they were meant for. I love to use music in my classroom and am teaching summer school, so they are being put to good use. My class thanks you as well! I hope you are doing wonderfully and enjoying your summer as well.

John and Tara