Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thanks to the Clark Family Secret Pal!

Big thanks to my wonderful secret pal! I received the November items for this months theme of "Travel Items".

I love everything! I adore beyond words the banana holder!!! I was just looking at a buddy of mine's site today where she was showing off her pear holder and I was saying to myself, "I want a pear holder and a banana holder." What a great coincidence!

Thanks so much for the lovely card. Your words mean so much to Dan and I.

I took a video of Daisy when I opened the presents. I uploaded it so I am very excited about that! Unfortunately, I held the camera sideways so you will have lean to the right to get the full view!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Travels

This month's gift gave me hope that someday we may actually travel to get our babies. I can travel with ease with all these great gifts I received. Gifts included travel pillow, 2 travel sets consisting of lock/key-id tag-luggage belt,J&J bath wipes, travel kleenex, disposable changing pads, disposable bibs, and shout wipes. The box was jam packed full of travel goodiness. Thank you so much. I think you thought of everything!