Saturday, July 29, 2006

Metotts great secret pal-July

Thank you so much for all the neat gifts this month. Sorry I am posting so late here but havent had time to get the picture on here. What a wonderful suprise to also get a second gift addressed to our little Miah. The outfit made me cry and I have it hanging in the nursery to be to remind me that she will be home soon (and also motivate me to get that nursery done). The feeding supplies are great and will work wonderful for a 18-19 month old. The patriotic bid was so cute. The plate/bowl/spoons and sippy cups will be great for her. The boys appreciated the snack/treats and I had to wrestle them away to get the picture before they were gone. THANKS SO MUCH. You are a wonderful secret pal and I cant wait to know who you are and thank you by name. So for now: THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!
Dawn, Michael, Matthew, Zachary, and Miah (LOI 7/18/06-Nanning City)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Thank you Secret Pal!

I returned from visiting family to find a Secret Pal box on my front step. Inside there were some of the cutest things ever!!! There were 6 multiple colored cups just perfect for wee little hands, 7 bibs sporting different attitudes (happy, hungry,sleepy,fussy,silly,playful,curious), a frog bowl,spoon,cup, and bib, and then an adorable black/white check ladybug capri set with matching sandals. Thank you Secret Pal!!! You just keep outdoing yourself.

Lenora T.

Wohlford's Wonderful Pals!

Thank you so much again for the wonderful gifts. We got them on Saturday, but our computer charger has been on the fritz and we just got it fixed. (I really missed the computer!!!) My parents were here visiting and very intrigued by the gift. They wanted me to open it, but John wasn't home and I wanted him to get the joy of opening this time. The gifts will be very useful--but I don't know if the food will last that long. (John likes to sample things!) I really liked the color-change spoons. I hadn't seen them before. The little dippers were new to me and a great idea also. And those bibs are the best! Thank you for everything! I'm thinking that we won't have nearly as much to register for after secret pals are over!

Thanks to Secret Pal

Thank you so much to my secret pal for the Marching Pandas Mug. It is huge and I will be able to make a huge cup of cocoa. I will also think about you everytime I use the mug. Thank you so much.
Marsha Isaacs

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sorry, forgot to post here!

I was just checking out everyones gifts for July when I realized that I didn't post my gift. I am so sorry secret pal! I had posted an email and put it on both of my blog pages and forgot to put it here. I hope you saw my posts on my site! Anyway, I loved all of my gifts, or should I say Emma's gifts. I just keep looking at all of these goodies and can't wait to use them. Thank you so much secret pal. You send me the most wonderful gifts.
I had to post a picture of my box that was waiting for me as I loved the way it was decorated!

Check out how cute it was all packed on the inside! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the best secret pal ever (of course she is because she's mine!)
Kim and Mike Kramer

Thanks Again To The Guschel's Secret Pal!

Oh how both my husband and I love the "meal time accessories" our Secret Pal sent to us. "Slomo" is just adorable. Your 2 year old has impeccable taste!!
Thanks again, four months down and counting....

Estok's pal outdid herself!

Did I ever mention that I love getting gifts? Estok's SP once again outdid herself, and you left us smiling!

Thank you so much for everything: the soft bibs (very clever), the bibsters (love those...), the spoons, and plate/silverware set for toddlers, and the fresh food feeders.

Your cards are always so beautiful, too, and I am thinking of you during this wait time and hope your summer is going well. Until next month, SP - thanks so much again.

I found my picture!

Woops! I filed it under One Hundred Good Wishes Quilt instead of Secret Pal Swap! At least I found it! Thank you again for the awesome goodies Secret Pal! You're the best!

Rachel BeDell

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Appleton's Secret Pals Are AWESOME!

We received our July secret pal goody box today and were TOTALLY blown away! They sent us a cute little outfit, spoons, a bib, cherry puffs, kitchen towels/potholders with roosters, handsoap from Bath and Body Works, sippy cups, a chocolate cookbook, candles, a colors book for the baby, and 3 little toy mice for our cats! The cats went BONKERS over those. The package came on a day when we needed it. ....I am getting ready to go back to school (teaching 5th grade) tomorrow and am getting over the FLU! Thank you Secret Pals! Y'all ROCK!!!!! You just don't know how much this meant to us! There were even two of our favorite candy bars in there!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Thanks from the Korbers!!!

To Our Secret Pal:

We want to thank you again for such a thoughtful gift. You amaze us each and every month with the wonderful goodies you send us. We received the most adorable chopsticks set. I love how they're child size with a cute little boy's face on the packaging. We also love the little rice boy with the monkeys! It's so darling! Ther Gerber items are much appreciated, too. We haven't even started to buy cups and spoons yet so those items are awesome! We also love the Baby Snoopy bibs! That's so sweet of you to remember that I'm a Snoopy fanatic. I can't wait to put them on my beloved little Jensen when we get him home!

Thank you sooooooo much!

With love,

Ron and Valeri Korber

p.s. I'll post a picture as soon as I'm able to do so!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

THANKS to the ROBERTS' Secret Pal

The bibs will definately be used and I just love the snack cups.
Thanks again!!!

Brian and Debbie Roberts