Saturday, September 15, 2007

Minnesota Shelton with SECRET PAL thanks!

Sorry for the delay, but as you may have seen we learned last week about my mom's cancer and things have been a little crazy. Your arts and crafts gift box was very nice! I can't wait to work on projects with Olivia.

I am so sad to drop out after this, but want to help my mom as much as possible through this stage of our adventure.

Love, Dawn Shelton

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New To The Exchange

Greetings from Arizona! We just signed up for Secret Pals and are so excited with something new to keep our minds off of the wait!

Name: Dan & Suz Hanson
Request: A girl as young as possible to be named Caroline (This will be our first child! No pets even!)
Nursery: Farm! The walls are already bright yellow and we are going to farm it up with red & white gingham, white furniture, farm animal artwork by my kids at school, and as many Pottery Barn Kids things as the hubby will let me buy!
Likes/Dislikes: I love to craft/scrapbook. I am a bit of a crafting freak and am on a 12 Step program to break my addiction to Hobby Lobby! We love to go antiquing and on random, back road trips - we honeymooned on Route 66 if that tells you anything! Our house is full of rustic cowboy stuff, now with some Asian flair here and there. We love the holidays- from Halloween until Christmas our house is out of control! I am originally from Indiana so GO COLTS! But the hubby is a Cowboys fan all the way! We love surprises and are about as laid back as they come! I think the only thing we are staying away from right now are the thousands of battery operated toys (we will see how long that lasts though!)
Music: We listen to just about everything, but overall probably mostly Christian pop-rock.
Useful Info: Hmmm..... My hubby is in school full time at Arizona State University for his special education degree while he works full time too. I am an inner-city special education teacher for kinder and first, I don't know if that helps at all. For more info about us, check out our blog at that may help a little into getting to know about our exciting life!!!