Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thanks SP!

Thanks again Secret pal. We looooove the books that you sent for each of us! Don't worry about Chris we tease him for being a "magazine reader". I love the bathing suit you sent for Sophie. It will fit her perfectly next summer when we are hanging out at the pool. The towel, toys, and sunglasses are also much appreciated! We are hoping to hear some TA news soon, so be sure to follow us when we go to meet our Sophie. You need to see the little munchkin you spoiling for the last year!

thanks again,

maryellen and Company :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Minnesota Shelton Thanks!

Secret Pal,

Sorry for the delay - I wanted to post pictures, but thought I had better just get this on here!! I have had some health things and then the bridge collapse and I am so sorry I have taken too long to offer my gratitude. The sunglasses, backpack, towel and swim toy are all awesome. I still plan to post a pic so please check back.


Dawn Shelton

Monday, August 06, 2007

Megi's Secret Pal

A very special thank you to my secret pal for the cutest little dress and sunglasses - and filled with other great items (for little girl AND me, ha)! I love the flip-flop / summer theme- how fun!

You always seem to brighten up the worst of my days - thank you so kindly!


Thank You to the DiPaoloSecret Pal

Thank you to our wonderful secret pal. I think I sent almost the same items and I know I wrote the same note to out secret pal! Great minds think alike. I love all of it and really hope we get to use it next summer! Love, Michael, Jennie and the boys