Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Many wonderful thanks to Cathy's pal!!

First of all, I want to apologize to my wonderful, sweet pal. I took pictures of December's gifts, and never posted them!!! I am so very sorry, and apologize a thousand times over. So, without further ado, here are the pics! First of all, I took a picture of the wrapped packages, which were wonderful! Here my cat is doing an inspection! (I am happy to report that the chocolate kisses are just about gone now. LOL)

Here is a pic of the opened presents! Mark was so thrilled to receive a gift of his own. The baby Pooh is just so adorable!! It is a "My First Pooh" that is holding his own little teddy. And I have used the mug many times already! Thank you so much for everything!

Now on to January's gift, for Chinese New Year! I love the brown gift bag that it came in - I will definitely be finding another use for that! It is so pretty. We received a "Year of the Pig" wall decoration paper cut, a hanging that has the character for "love", a sweet little panda bookmark, and "I Love You Like Crazy Cakes." I am so glad to have received this book! It is on everyone's must-have list. Everything is just perfect - thank you so much! I just love receiving your gifts & cards. I keep your cards right here at my desk for extra encouragement - thank you for your kind words. Thank you again for everything! Love ~ Cathy

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thank You Medeah!

I received the hair bows you sent and they're beautiful!! I love this style of bow and haven't been able to find them anywhere. Now Hannah has 5! Thank you so much for this very thoughtful and beautiful gift and also for the adorable ladybug card!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Dave and Di have a new Pal (Pals?)!

Dear Secret Pal (or are you Pals?)~
What a nice package we received from you. I love children's books, especially books that do things like Dragon Dance! And the idea of Pigs in Love is just adorble, especially for vegetarians like us! I already read them both a few times.
The little piggie is so soft, and Sophie's Pop-to-be really liked the puzzle, and the calendar will teach us a lot about China. We will use it each month and I will save it for Sophie too, because in, what, 7 years? she'll be able to use it, and she can learn about China too :)
We love everything and your thoughtfullness. We posted to our blog as well: