Saturday, September 23, 2006

6 Month Anniversary

Our travel group decided to celebrate our 6 month LID anniversary by taking family pictures with signs indicating to our waiting child how long we have waited. Here is our picture!!!! Maybe others will join in as well!! What a wonderful gift to our children to show them pictures when they are older of how much we loved them while we were waiting to be united with them!!!!
Brian and Debbie

ROBERTS' Secret Pal

Thank you so much for the lovely board books from Sesame Street. I am sure that we will read them with Darci Many Many times!!!
Brian & Debbie Roberts

Metotts secret pal-August

Thank you very much secret pal!! The boys love the books and Miah will enjoy singing and dancing to the music CD's and books. They are really cute. THANK FOR BEING THE GREATEST PAL EVER. I am amazed every month at what you have sent and it is so much fun to see something come in the mail with Miah's name on it. Thanks again.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thanks to the Hawkins' Secret Pal

Secret Pal,
As usual you have out done yourself! I love all the books and flast cards. I can't wait to read them to my daughter and can't believe we are 6 months down!!! I had my husband post the picture of last months gift this time since I was unable to get the picture in my post last month. Thank you so much! I love getting your package every month!!

A heartfelt thankyou to the O'Brien's secret pal

Look at this beautiful snuggly lady bug and you open it up and its a book too cool!
I would like to thank my secret pal for all of the wonderful gifts this month. Anisha is going to love these books. We got first farm, First Body, Colours, Little Chick, A little star fish that is for the bathtub but is a book so neat, and the cuddly ladybug which is sooo cute. I got it in the mail today Secret Pal and it brought me some great luck. Thankyou again Secrep Pal you rock!

Thank you Catherine:)

These wonderful hair accessories were sent by Catherine. Aren't they cute? I love the color pink! They traveled from Canada to get here and I can't wait to see our little one wearing them!!! Thanks Catherine:)

A giant thankyou to the OBrien Secret Pal

I would like to thank my secret pal for the wonderful gifts from last month. I am sorry the post is late but I have had trouble with my computer and have been really sick.
The gifts are just fantastic look at all of the goodies. My secret pal was so sweet to send my boys some gummi bears. They just loved them! She even made the card now how sweet is that. I cant wait to play the cd's with matching books for Anisha. Old MacDonald and Baa Baa Black Sheep. The cute little socks were put away in Anisha's drawers along with the other items that you sent waiting for Anisha'a use. The stickers Secret Pal we are going to use to put on Anisha's scrapbook. The pink poodle named Cuddles by my boys will be taken to China with me to give to Anisha as her first toy.
Once again Secret Pal thankyou so much for everything. We really appreciate everything!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thank you from the Dos Santos Family

Well, you might think that your secret pal is the best but OURS IS!!! You are wonderful!! We adore the books and the hat and the gorgeous scarf that you knit. It is all so special and so very personal- I had a little tear with the Butterfly Garden book - butterflies and tabby cats, our favorites!!. I will post more on my blog which I know that you visit!!! Thanks again for your generous spirit, kind words and wonderful gifts. You REALLY made our day!!

The Appletons Get September Secret Pal Gifts

Ok it is official......the Appletons have the BEST secret pals!!!!!!! We got our Secret Pal box of goodies with the theme for this month, REading is Fun. It came on a day when Susan had had an awful day! What a complete JOY to open up that box and feel the love and thoughtfulness that went into it. We got beautiful books including Lambaroo (which Susan cried when she read it) and the little book by the little girl that was adopted from China, and then we found birthday gifts in there too! Doug's birthday was September 9th and he received a Border's Gift Card while Susan, whose birthday is the 26th of the month received a Gift Card from her FAVORITE restaurant, Olive Garden!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also got hairclips that had school busses and school supplies on them and the little book, The Hungry Catepillar. WOW, what sweet secret pals we have. They certainly go WAY above and beyond what is required and we just want to say a heartfelt, THANK YOU !!!!!!! Our secret pals ROCK!!!!!!

I'm a Horrible Pal

My secret pal is awesome, I know that my fun gifts will always be at my door near the first of the month, if not before, and here I am taking 20 days to post to the blog. At least I sent an email out. It has been crazy with school starting (I have a tough group of kids this year), training for a marathon in 2 weeks and a couple of projects we are trying to finish before it gets too cold - but that is not a good enough excuse for such a great pal!
We received 3 great books. Bob and Murphy enjoyed reading them!
Thanks again!

Jenni and Bob
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