Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thank You From The Buhler's!!!

So sorry secret pal!! It took us so long to come here and thank you for this months special gifts!!

The boys are having a great time with the plastic cutlery set! Especially Carter, even tonight he wouldn't eat his supper with the fork I gave him! He needed his "Animal Fork"!!!

The ducky placemat and plate set are tooo cute!! I can't wait for Annaliese to be able to use them!!

Thanks again!! We love it everytime we find a box from you at the post office!!

Thanks to the Pina family from the McMillin's!

We were SO thrilled to get our book swap books today! I have been wanting to get the Bedtime Book I love the Boynton animals! The other two books are bath books-one can be used in the bathtub! THANK YOU so very much-we will remember your thoughtfulness when we are reading to little empress Leilani! Mike and Jan

A BIG Thank You from the Marusa Family!!

Sorry it's taken so long to post...our lives have been rather complicated lately. Won't go into detail (don't want to jinx it). We received our Secret Pal's package with all of the wonderful goodies in it. Sydney was extremely thrilled. I picked up the mail in the morning and she couldn't wait until that evening to open it. So, we went to my office and before I took her to school, she got to open the package. Sydney LOVED the apron...she wears it all of the time (she loves to dance in it!).

An update...we sent in our LOI for a 3 yo girl. We are hoping to get travel approval in September (maybe October??). Sydney will still be the big sister by 6 months and 4 days. We will name her Campbell.

Thanks again, we really enjoyed receiving these gifts for the girls!!!!!! (And, again, sorry for the late post).


Friday, August 04, 2006

Thanks to Dave & Di's awesome Pal for July!

Well Pal, July was just great, and we can't thank you enough! The dishwasher basket was even on my registry I think. I really appreciate everything, and the little things are making hubby even more excited for Sophie's arrival.
We got three bibs, two pink bears and the most baby-looking ducky bib, the great dishwasher basket and a bottle brush, a sippy cup & a whole bunch of spoons, and two snack bowls! Thanks so much. We are going to put these pictures in Sophie's baby album so she can see all her presents from her first friend even when she's grown up.
Love you~

The O'Brien's say mmmm thankyou secret pal!

Here is my mailman enjoying his tootsie treat. He is so quick I could only catch his hands with the camera.

Secret Pal

We would like to thankyou for all the wonderful gifts we received this month. The boys really enjoyed the gifts you sent them and couldn't wait to dig into the goodies. My mailman says thankyou for the yummy tootsie rolls, he really enjoyed them! This month we got a beautiful set of Hello Kitty eating wear bowl, cup, plate, and matching fork and spoon too cute! The boys just love the goodies, and the cookie recipes we already made some out of it. The Ice pop makers are really coming in handy for the really hot weather for the boys. We got these cute little cards with ice treats on the back which I intend to use when I travel to go get Anisha and my secret pal made this cute little card which I think is just adorable!

Here are some pictures of the gifts our secret pal sent, the card that was made and the kids enjoying their wonderful treats. Thank you so much secret pal for sending the extra gifts for the boys. They really enjoyed the treats. We can't wait for next month. Thanks again The O'Brien's.

A Great Big 2 Month Thank You to Jenni Blat's Secret Pal

Thank you again for your great gifts. I was slow in updating last month, and before I knew it, it was August and I had another package waiting for me! This month we received cool squirting bath toys, and cute ducky water mat and a fun panda rattle/toy.

This is the picture from July, we received cool sippy cups, formula holder, spoons and a fun bib.

Thanks again you are very generous!

Jenni and Bob Blat

Huge Thank You To Shook's Secret Pal for August Gift

Hi Secret Pal,,

You are the greatest we received our August package yesterday and we are delighted that you centered the package around the baby's room. Yes, we are still naming her Isabella. Our package included: a gund bear holding an I, an adoption creed plaque (we simply love this), a handprint kit, a beautiful asian butterfly photo frame, a photo book to hold our photos of our beautiful daughter and a pink blanket. Thanks for coordinating the colors of each of the items with the baby's room. I think what we really liked was the card and what you wrote in the card. Your words were very encouraging. We wish you safe travels on your long trip you mentioned.

Thanks again for your generousity and encouraging words,

Kelly and Joe

Thank you to Shook's Secret Pal

Joe and I would like to thank our secret pal for our July package full of goodies. We simply loved everything. Our package included: 2 cloth bib, disposable bibs (we will use in China), placemats, sippy cup, spoon, bowl, dish and popisicle makers. You are simply the best secret pal.

Thanks again,
Kelly and Joe

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pie' Family Secret Pal Gifts

Wow! We got 2 boxes in the mail from our secret pal yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We love everything. The "new life" figurine is my favorite. It immediately found a home on our mantle. What a joy it will be to look at each day, and think of our sweet Torie.

The boys went nuts for their "Cars" art sets. They just love that movie and they're always talking about Mater and Lightning McQueen, and competing to win Piston Cups. Before I could finish unpacking the boxes, Justin and Nicholas had grabbed a piece of paper and a seat at the table, opened their art sets, and began to get creative. They were so sad when I told them it was nap time. They just wanted to keep drawing. They also went crazy for the candy. They had those opened even before the art supplies. Many thanks from Justin and Nicholas. The cats also said Mee-Ow (translates to "Thank you so much for the treats. You are spoiling us.")

The bib is just absolutely adorable! We got so many cool mealtime supplies for Torie. Now we can't wait to help her use them. Most of these are going in the China trip bag! Nicholas is excited about the cheerios container. He keeps talking about "Torie's Cheerios container". He takes it all over, and we even lost it for a little while. But he knew where it was.

Everything is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much.
The Pie' Family

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thank you from Krawiecki Secret Pal

Our box was simply amazing and FILLED with great stuff and our 2 1/2
(going on 3) year old daughter is so excited to get things for Teresa
and compare them to what she has and was she wants to give her.
The bowls, spoons, cup, cups with lid, finger puppets (which are
FABULOUS on the plane ride) bibs, rattle and georgous fluffy giraff are
Sharon K.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Big Thank You to Paulette's Secret Pal

I was gone out of town for over a week and my husband called to say that I had recieved a package from my Secret Pal. He opened the gift while I was on the phone and that was a fun way to do open up the surprise this time. As always my Secret Pal is so thoughtful. I recieved some plates,fork and knife, a cup, a sippy cup, a blow up booster seat, and some really cute bibs. Mia will surely enjouy all this stuff. Once again THANKS Secret Pal Your Super!!!

Miles' Secret Pal is GREAT!!

A "GREAT BIG HUG" to our secret pal! First I opened the package and everything was wrapped in ladybug paper! I took a picture before I opened them. I love the winnie the pooh lunch box! Inside that were pooh learning cards and a fork and spoon, then wrapped we got a bowl plate and cup and disposable sippie cups and another sippie cup of course everything winnie the pooh! I almost forgot the three straws one with winnie the pooh, one with piglet and one with tigger, and a wonderful card addressed to both steve and I and Aiyana!! Thank you so much secret pal! You are the BEST!!! Can't wait to see what August brings.

The Miles'

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Awesome stuff from the Lam's pal!

Thank you again, to my wonderful pal! You outdo yourself each month! This month we received an adorable lady bug bib (CUTE!!!), and a great selection of cups, bowls, and utensils. I can't tell you how much fun it is to receive baby things. It really helps the months go by, while we try to endure this long wait! Thank you also for the wonderful card & kind words. I really treasure your prayers & encouragement, that alone is wonderful. :) (that bib is so cute!! hee hee)

I think I never uploaded a picture for June's gift? I know I posted to the message board about it, but I don't think I posted a picture here last month. But I did take pictures, so here is one! Check out this great selection of stuff! We absolutely love the picnic basket. We will make great use of it! Inside the basket were a matching set of cups, plates & utensils, candles & candle holders, and chocolate cookies -- yummy! Thank you again for this awesome gift! :)

A HUGE Thank You to Catherine's Secret Pal!!!

Thank you so much secret pal!!! Once again you outdid yourself!

When I opened this months package I found 2 bright, fun placemats for Hannah. Also, my secret pal had carefully put together a great little recipe book for babies. It has many baby friendly recipes in it such as Tiny Tot Turkey and Teething Biscuits. It also had some helpful tips about what and when to feed certain foods to baby. This first time Mom is thankful for the info! A container of Gerber's fruit puffs were also in it as well as a great bowl and plates with lids.

I was also excited to find this adorable ladybug plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon! Too cute!!! The dishes you provided are the very first baby dishes that have ever entered myr home! You've already got me thinking of how I'll rearrange the cupboards to make space for baby dishes, bottles and sippy cups! Oh yah...getting excited!

Thanks again Secret Pal!!! You're the BEST!!!