Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thank You To The Guschel's Secret Pal

I owe a big apology to our secret pal. I was remiss in not acknowledging our gift, since I've had it for a while now. Please forgive me!! Secret Pal, we are so lucky to have you!!! I'd like to first make note of the sun hat. We love it!!!,it is so adorable. I cried when I saw it, as I can picture our little girl wearing it. Oh, and yes I also dream of traveling this summer, hope it is a reality for us all.
That bib is so cool! I'd never seen one before, it's so easy to clean and you roll it up when you're done. Thanks for the disposable changing pads, the wipes,antiseptic gel and sippy cup. We are so ready to travel!!! And last but not least thanks for beautiful hand made card. I've saved everyone and they are packed with all our "Renee" things. I plan to show her when she's old enough, how my secret pal cared for her. Happy Holidays!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Thank you to Jose and Brenda Perez

Thank your to awesome secret pals. Each month we have received thoughtful gifts, I can't wait to use them! The 2 boxes were wrapped so nicely in Christmas paper and since they are the first presents for Baby Blat, they are sitting under the tree waiting to be opened on Christmas. I'll post pictures once we discover what they are. Thanks again!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cathy Lam is AMAZING!!

What awesome gifts you give! First, you were my book buddy and got me such wonderfully fun and touching books! Now, as my bib buddy, you got me the most adorable bibs and washcloth set - in a takeout box!! They are adorable and I love them - I have actually been eyeing them for quite awhile - you are a mind reader! I love the fact that whenever I read the books you sent or use these bibs or washcloth, we will think of you! How wonderful it is to be making such great friends along the adoption journey! Sorry for the delay in posting and lack of picture - crazy times around here! Thanks again so much - you are such a blessing!

Thank you Hensley's Secret Pal!

What a great Secret Pal you are! Thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful travel goodies - we love every one and will use them. And thank you so much for the watch and the ladybug charm - and for your thoughtfulness of sending me a charm every month! That is so sweet and believe me, I will think of you everytime I wear it! We really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness - sure makes the wait go by faster! Please forgive me for the delay in posting and no picture - it's been crazy around here (but good crazy)! Thanks again!! :-)

Thank You, Perrotta's Pal!!!

Well, you've done it again! What a super idea--a Lands' End diaper bag! Way cool!! My husband loved it, too--not too girly at all! :) Thank you for all the great stuff you packed inside, too and especailly for your kind words! Your letter was so thoughtful--I actaully had to wait a few days before reading it, though, because I just wanted to cry now that everything seems so far away. But when I did finally settle into reading your letter, I found it very comforting! Thank you soooo much!

You are the very best secret pal!

Valerie Perrotta

The Barnett's Secret Pal revealed!

This is our final month participating in this secret pal exchange. Our secret pal has revealed herself to us and it is Catherine from Ontario, Canada. She became my pal midway through the exchange and she has been fabulous. I have so appreciated her encouraging notes and wonderful gifts. She always remebered my older boys with a little something and that has helped them to feel a more apart of the process. This month she sent them each a stocking cap and my youngest has been wearing it literally from that moment on, even while sleeping!

Thanks so much Catherine and we look forward to continuing to wait alongside you for our daughters!

The happy Lindbergs!

Yesterday we received our great November gift which contained really useful stuff: a grooming kit with the cutest toothbrush and other things in a travel case, a portable cover for high chairs and a bag of diaper sacks with baby powder scent (How American to put perfume on something like that!!). I can't wait to get my baby so I can start using these things! We also got one "happiness"- and one "fortune"-bracelet, a nice card and some treats for the cats. Thank you so much!!

Emma & Dan in Sweden

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Reeves/Kaufmann secret pal!

Thanks to our secret pal! You really came through on the handy travel gear. We got travel sippy cups, travel bibs, travel TP (too cool), we are all set for our referral now! Cutest of all is the travel baby toiletries, with the cutest little teddy bear washcloth. THANKS so very much. We love everything, and appreciate your thoughfultness.

Alison & Chris

Thank you from the Konstantaras family

Thank you soo much to my secret pal. She sent a wonderful gift again. I cannot wait until I can meet her someday. I am posting a picture on the blog so that everyone can see what great gifts I recieved again.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Perfect Timing Gollnick SP !!

Your timing could not have been any better! We love everything! You always send the cutest little outfits, I can't wait to see Sophie in them! Explaining to Ben and Hannah why we needed to bring our own toilet paper with us to China was priceless! I have put everything that you sent in our drawer of "travel stuff". Thank you so much again. I beginning to think that you are a teacher like myself! Could I be right?? (your stationary may have tipped me off a little:)

The TBG Gang
Maryellen,Chris, Ben and Hannah

We looove Christmas!

Wall Family Secret Pal

Thank you so much for the Lady bug books, bracelet and ornament. I love them. They were such a nice surprise to come home too. You are very creative in choosing the gifts, they are great. Thanks, our daughter is gonna love them. I look forward to reading the books to her :)

Sheryl Wall


We came home to this wonderful selection of CCAI and March DTC goodies! How wonderful and encouraging it was to get the gifts and a letter of encouragement at just the right time, when I start to get on the "pitty potty" about the wait :-) Thanks again! Jan