Tuesday, May 08, 2007

All about Megi...

My husband and I live in New Berlin, Wisconsin. We are looking forward to being first time parents! It has been a blessing to have found such wonderful people (FEB & MAR DTC/LID) to share the ups and downs of this entire experience!

Requested: We requested a "girl" - as young as possible
Name: Janie Irene (we think)
Nursery: Frogs (lavendar/mint green)
Likes/Dislikes: I love surprises!
Hobbies/Collections: Travel, Golf, Gardening, Wine, Martini's, Sunshine
Books/Author: For Janie, I want to start collectiong Baby Einstein CD's, DVD's, Books, Toys ... I am a magazine junky (Parenting, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Adoptive Parents, In Touch, Star) - otherwise I read about parenting (a lot to learn)!
Movies: Award winning (current) films or foreign films - no sci-fi movies...
Music: Hip Hop/ R&B, Jazz, Top 40, Old Rock - no Country (love playing live concert DVD's while cleaning)
Registerd: Not yet, other than a few (more than a few) outfits - we are holding off on purchasing things. The nursery is ready to go (frogs) - will do this summer!
I am a pretty easy going person and love to laugh and have fun. I am eager to be a first time mom - so I just about love and appreciate - anything!!!
DTC February 13th
LID March 7th

Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone,
My name is Lisa Aldridge-Mathson. My husband Bradley and I live in Whitehall, Wisconsin. We have three sons. Nathaniel 21 yo, Levi 18 yo, and Michael 14 yo. We are looking forward to having daughters in our home soon!
We are both farmers. Bradley raises cash crops and is a grain consultant. I raise Tennessee Walking Horses and Holstein Bull Calves.
Things about me:

age: 43
dob: July 7, 1963
zodiac: cancer
favorite color: pink and light purple
favorite pasttime: spending time with my family and animals
dislikes: I do not like negativity, I would rather spend my time being happy and having a healthy positive attitude!

About Robby and Tonja

Name: Robby and Tonja, currently living in NJ, but moving to NC this summer
Girl or Boy Requested: Girl
Age Requested: 0 - 12 months, as young as possibly
Name: Marissa (waiting to decide on her middle name)
Nursery: Her theme is called Ruffles - pink, lt green, yellow and purple. We had painted her walls a light yellow/green and had put up a border. Now we will have to re-do that once we move.
Likes or Dislikes: I like diet cokes, chocolate, scrapbooking (when I have time) and reading romances. I also love warm weather (summer is the best!).
Hobbies or collectibles: I collect anything that has to do with lighthouses and DD collects small teddy bears that have the name of a city and or state on them.
Favorite Fragrance or Scent: I love Japanese Cherry Blossom scent from Bath and Body.
Favorite Author or Genre of Books: I do not have a favorite author but love to read romances.
Favorite Movies: I like pretty much anything EXCEPT scarey movies
Favorite type of Music: Christian and country
Registered at what Stores: None (not sure if I will do this)
Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: I love surprises. We have a 10 year old daughter, adopted from China in '97; our son, Kyle, adopted from Korea in 2000 died in a car accident on 12/10/03. I am not hard to please so do not stress out when shopping for me. Have fun! I love our Marching Pandas group. You are the best!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy May!

This month we received a great piano toy that plays classical music, a Baby Einstein CD and book, and a set of Toddler Tunes Cds. I can't wait to use these with Grace. I know she will appreciate them as much as we do.
Thank you for making the wait easier or at least bearable.
Lenora and Matthew

Thanks SP!

Sorry for the belated thank you, I have misplaced our camera and really wanted to be able to take a photo of my great gift for everyone to see. Sadly, my words alone will have to do the job for now. This month I received three photo albums which are something I always need. I currently have over 100 pictures waiting to be printed off ! I also got some great magnetic frame things - 2 which hold a single photo (my niece and 2 nephews are now smiling down at me from the fridge!) and a really fun one which has letters cut out to spell the word Family. Asher quickly decided that we would put a photo of myself, daddy, Asher, Abi and Baby Xiao Xiao in it. When he realised there would be one letter left over he decided his favourite cat (of our 3) could take that place! Finally I received a key ring with a place to slot a photo in. I think I will keep this in a safe place ready to pop in a copy of Xiao Xiao's referral photo.
Thanks SP!