Thursday, January 11, 2007

Two Big Thank Yous!

I am very late with my first thank you but was away for most of December only arriving home on New Years Eve. How lovely it was to return home to a parcel from my Secret Pal. As you can see from the photo we received a wonderful selection of toys. As soon as Abi saw the Barbie she said "I want a Secret Pal" which I roughly translated as "Hmm, I rather like the look of that Barbie"! Everything you sent is great but the one thing that stood out for me is the plastic linky things. We took a set of these to China when we adopted Abi and they kept both Abi and Asher entertained for ages. I have been on the look out for another set, so thank you very much.

On to this months gift. I can not believe you felt you were not as generous as usual! It is a wonderful gift. The books are perfect for little ones and we always use red envelopes each year with either chocolate or real money in them. The calendar is great - I really like Chinese papercuts but haven't got the patience to do them myself - I have tried! So thank you once again and a Happy New Year to you!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thank you Jenni, Bob and Murphy!

My DH brought home the mail today and I was excited to get a special gift from our March 06 DTC bib pal.Our pals this month were Jenni, Bob and of course, Murphy the dog. These exchanges are such a great way to get to know other adoptive parents! I love the "Dressed to Drool" pink giraffe bib, it is so secure and practical, I think it will be a travel item for China! The Christmas bib and rattle made me hopeful that Leilani will be wearing that this Christmas (sounds strange to say Christmas, but it is only 349 days away!) Thanks again for your gifts! Jan

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A HUMONGOUS Thank You to the Clark Secret Pal

I wanted to take a proper moment to thank our wonderful secret pal. We received our December package right before Xmas and it was such a fun thing to open and unwrap.

Then this week, we received another package from our SP. It was a makeup package for the October one that got lost in the mail and never made it to our place.

The outfit is GORGEOUS! We love it and we are amazed at your generosity and originality. We can't say it enough...Thank you!!!