Saturday, September 09, 2006

Introducing Andy and Tina Kadisak

Hi- I wanted to introduce ourselves so my new scret pal knows something about us! Well- my name is Tina, and my husband is Andy. We have been married for 11 years this December. (Wow- how time flies) We started dating Senior year of highschool. We have a bio daughter named Ivy. She will be 7 in December. Ya- December is a big month for us around here. Ivy just started 1st grade this year, and loves it, though it was hard for mom the first few days. I'm 31 and DH is 30. (But I look younger)
The way we came to China was actually a long road. I had Ivy w/ out any problems, not so lucky the second time around! I was diagnosed w/ pre-mature ovarian failure. We spent 3 years on ferility treatments. Then tried a domestic adoption, which fell thru. We had baby Luke home w/ us for 3 days when his mother decided to parent. which brought us to China. It's been a long road to give my daughter a sibling but I'm glad there is an end in sight. Even it's still far off.
So- lets talk about Andy. Andy is a Senior business systems analys for a very large bank. I have no idea what that means!! In his free time he likes to play golf, actually he is obsessed w/ golf! Andy is a big White Sox, and likes the Bears. Oh- did I mention we are from the Chicago area?
I just started my own business at home. I am a hairstylist, and was working the same salon since I was 15 years old. But- I really think starting to do hair at home was a great descsion. I spen a lot of time w/ Ivy. I do a lot of volunteering at her school, and I'm her Brownie Leader. I love it. In my free time I spend way to much of it on this computer. I read a lot of magazines. Basically- People, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan. I enjoy going out w/ my friends no matter where it may be. I love vacation, and entertaining. Oh ya- I have a problem, an addiction to Starbucks, I spend way to much money there. I am also a huge country music fan. I have been to 6-7 concerts in the past year.
We have LID of 3/22/06, we requested a 6- 12 month old girl. Though- I think they could refer me a monkey and I would be happy!! Her name will be Adaleigh, we are going to call her Addy. I'm waiting to start the nusery in Jan. But- I am doing red, white, and black. And ladybugs. I hate Character stuff, Ivy gets so annoyed w/ me, cuz- of course she is a princess freak.
I'm sorry I've been rambling on and on ( but I have a lot to say) I look forward to getting to know everyone. We have a blog if anyone wants to check it out.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Thanks to Brenda's Secret Pal

Special thanks to the Perez secret pal who is wonderful once again. We love the baby seat cover! I'm a bit of a germ phobic, so this is something I have been checking out in the baby stores. My kids think the electronic book is very cool, and so do I. Love how it clips onto a stroller or car seat. One less thing that can be tossed out by little hands! ;-) And the lady bug pen, well - it has been confiscated by one adorable 8 year old boy who just thought it was too cute! Thank you so much for all your great gifts ... I don't care what the rest of them say about their secret pals ... I know I have the best one! Hugs, Brenda

Thank you to my New Secret Pal

A new Secret Pal was assigned to me this month as my previous Pal is no longer participating. Here is my oldest displaying our gifts. We received a darling Fisher Price animal set, complete with Sonya Lee. It's all set up in our daughter's unfinished bedroom! We also received a cute ladybug rattle that plays Rock A Bye Baby. It lights up, it shakes and it crinkles....I know it will be well received! And the cutest pink it! My Secret Pal was also kind enough to send some candy for my boys. They so appreciate it!
Thanks for the surprise!

Cari Barnett

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pina Secret Pal

Thank you so much secret pal for the great gifts! My dogs are loving you this month!! They love their treats! Also, the pop-up book is precious. It is always such a lift to come home and have a surprise waiting on the front porch. It really lifts all of our spirits. Thank you so much!

Hair Accessory Thank-You

Huge thanks to my September Hair Accessory Pal, Doris!! Woo hoo, I didn't even know I received anything in the mail, until DH came in from checking the mailbox. What a pleasant surprise! This gift was especially wonderful, because Doris handmade these barrettes! Aren't they adorable? I love the lady bugs. The "princess" barrettes are cute too. Everything is so sweet! Thank you so much Doris! What a great talent you have. :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Buhler's Are Spoiled Again!!

I knew yesterday was going to be a lucky day and I was right!! (We were 5 mths Logged in on the 5th!)

Our secret pal gifts arrived!! This months theme was "Animals".

The pink outfit you see is toooo cute! It has ladybugs all over it! There is also a ladybug on the flower which sings when you press on it, a ladybug pink toothbrush, 2 board books about animals and the cutest panda bear baby toy! This toy has sensory gadgets on each paw for baby to play with!

Each month our secret pal always thinks of our boys as well which is sooo amazing! This month however, I couldn't take the picture fast enough! The boys had their chocolate bars eaten and were gone to the park to play football with their new nerf football!

Thanks so much secret pal!! We love EVERYTHING!!!

A Big Thank You to Catherine's Secret Pal!!!

This month my Secret Pal outdid herself once again! Included with Hannah's gifts was a beautiful card with roses on it. On it was written a note of encouragement about the wait. With the long wait ahead it was really appreciated!

Next was a fun wooden puppy puzzle. Hannah's first puzzle and oh so cute! A terry cloth pink piggy was extra special as I've been looking for a terry cloth toy. I've heard that children are often given terry clothes to hold so I had been looking for something for months!Thank you secret pal!

Mommy is never forgotten in the gifts either. This month included a fun magnet which reads, 'A Mother's Love Never Stops Growing.' Also, sticky notes in the shape of the letter 'C'.

Now, I've saved my favourite 2 gifts for last! My SP is so creative!!! Using our March DTC logo and flags from Canada and China in the shape of music notes (I told you she was wonderfully creative!), she made a beautiful CD with 21 beautiful songs on it! I took it to work with me today and every time a new
piece started I thought, 'I love this song.' Hmmm...not sure how much work was lost to my dreaming of Hannah. Oh well...that's nothing new! ;o)

Lastly there is an wonderful, cuddly, soft white bear sporting a red bow with white polka dots! Around his neck there is a blessing which reads:

May your life be filled with blessings,
Like the sun that lights the sky.
And may you always have the courage,
To spread your wings and fly!

*sniff! ~ anyone have a tissue?*

And as all of this isn't enough, dear Teddy is sporting a red ribbon bracelet with a ladybug charm just like the bracelet I wear every single day!!!

Secret Pal...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to find out who you are
so that I can truly express how much your gifts mean each month. You put so
much love and care into each and every one of them!!!

PS - You don't know how hard it was not to remove Teddy's blessing and bracelet
last night and cuddle with him all night long! I used restraint and didn't take him to bed but each day he will sit on my bed, waiting for his rightful owner to wing her way over from China! Until then, I'll dream of my precious baby girl as I hold her Teddy close!

A big thank you to kristin

Thank you for the Hair items that you had sent to me.

Dave & Di's Pals did it again!

Wow, you surprised us with so many things.
We can't thank you enough.
They're all so cute. We especially love the expression on the hippo's face.
It means a lot to us, and we're sure that Sophie will enjoy seeing how loved she was too :)
Big love to you guys!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MY Secret Pal

I want to thank my secret pal so much. I received a little package just full of so many wonderful things. We especially love the little dress, hat and little slippers. I received everything the other day. It took me a few days to get this blog out there because my daughter is only 4 weeks away from her little one arriving. She has really become close to me. I cannot wait for her to deliver her new baby. Once again thank you secret pal, you are really special.