Friday, June 02, 2006

Thank you Secret Pal!

Mollie says "Thank you for thinking of me Secret Pal".

Raleigh and Sophie say "Thank you Secret Pal for thinking of us!!".

Finally I crawled out from all of my vacation laundry to post the pictures.

We received 1. Purple Asian Memory Book treats 3. cat treats 4. pink flowered throw 5. books(Sand Castle Contest and Wet Dog) 6. Pink Box decorated with dragonflies and ladybugs 7. Pink Crib Sheet 8. Ballerina Bunny 9. Stretchy Bottle Holder for Stroller. I loved it all so much it was hard to have to put away. I can't wait to use that bottle holder. I have never seen anything like it.

Thank you so much for thinking of us. We love it all.

Lenora Totten

Thanks Secret Pal!!

I was so excited on Wednesday to have a package waiting on my front porch!! My poor dog had wait to go out because I HAD to open my gift. I love the pink blanket, it's so soft. The CD's are great. I especially love the World Baby CD, it's all celtic music. I just went to a Celtic Festival few weeks ago, so this CD is a very special treat!! Love the Ladybug border on the note too! The blanket in the background is for Kinsey's crib. Since May was nursery theme month, I thought I'd show everyone the linens I chose for her room. Thanks again Secret Pal! You're the best!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Love You Forever

Dear Secret Pal,

I tried to post a message to you last night on our Yahoo Group, but must have done something wrong. Oh well - it's so sad when your teenage son has to show you how to use the computer!!!

I received my gift from you on Tuesday, which was just about perfect timing. It has been a difficult and discouraging week. We are having a garage sale on Friday & Saturday to raise $ for the adoption, and I am overwhelmed by the work. We have had lots of donations from friends; so many in fact that I cannot even fit them into my garage. I still have more places to go today and tonight to pick things up. It's a huge blessing, but I am feeling very nervous.

For the past week, I've been taking my mom to various Dr's appts. We are concerned that she has been possibly having mini-strokes. Exactly 2 years ago, she had a major stroke. Prior to the stroke, she had lots of little mini-strokes, but we did not know what they were and kind of ignored them. Had we known, we probably could have avoided the BIG one. Oh well, hind sight is 20/20. Anyway, we are trying to avoid the same thing again. So yesterday, my boys wanted to go to the pool for a little while. Mom wanted to go to, so she came with us. After about 20 minutes, she became really sick. We had to drive Mom home even though we only live across the street. One of my neighbors is a nurse, and was at the pool with us, and came home with us. Anyway, we began to think Mom was having another stroke, so I raced to the hospital with her. As it turns out, it looks like she is just dehydrated and got heat stroke very quickly. Needless to say, I spent the whole afternoon and evening in the emergency room with my mom while they pumped her full of liquids. It was very upsetting!

All in all, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and discouraged - not my usual state of mind. But when we came in the house last night, my Mother saw the gifts all sitting on my kitchen counter. She had such a good time looking at everything and talking about each little gift. We love each and every gift. It was the bright spot of the day! Thank you!

And what I tried to tell you on the Yahoo group last night is that the book Love You Forever is my absolute favorite children's book. I have not ever read it one time without crying. My boys each have their own copy, and I was planning to buy another for Mary Rose. It is the sweetest story of how we love our children through all their ages and stages. I can not wait to sit in my rocker with my precious daughter in my arms and read this story to her. Just the thought of it is enough to bring me to tears. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. And I can't wait to find out who you are, and hope and pray that we will be in China together!

Love You Forever,

Brenda Perez

Dave & Di say, "We Love Our Pal!!!"

Dear Secret Pal:
We received our wondeful package today and we cannot get over how nice everything is and pretty.
We got:
* a lovely card
* two story books
*a little ceramic box tied with ribbon that Sophie will keep her jewelry in someday I'm sure
* a very pretty collage picture frame
*the softest little giraffe (we adore giraffes, our favorite zoo animal)
* and a ladybug blanket (where did you find it? it is so cute! I had to take a close up shot!)
Once again, we cannot believe how generous you are and how nice everything is.
I can't wait to thank you next year when I know who you are, and I am sure Sophie will feel so special when we tell her about your presents and give her your cards.
All our love & thanks again~
Dave & Di

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Christmas at the Pie' House

Thank you so much secret pal for everything!!! You are so awesome! Inside the cutest bag ever, was the softest, cuddliest blanket and bunny ever. It brought tears to my eyes thinking about wrapping Torie in the blanket and rocking her, while reading the nursery ryhmes to her. You are so sweet and thoughtful. I also can't wait to have my first picture of Torie to put in the beautiful photo album.

The boys loved all of their goodies and chose going outside to play with the bubble blowers over going to the pool (which they absolutely love). The cats also thank you for the treats. They were so funny. They were all trying to get into the package before it was even opened! Nicholas loves giving the kitties the treats.

We were glad to hear that the boys' artwork made it to you. Thanks for the great package!!!

Many thanks,
The Pie' Family

Thank You Secret Pal from Paulette

I finally figured out how to post my thank you to this bog. When I recieved my secret pal gift it made my day. All of the things I recieved were very pretty. I wish that I was as creative as my Secret Pal. Hopefully I will be able to meet her someday.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Thank you to Lam's Secret Pal!

We love our gift! Thank you so much! We got a selection of really nice window decorations, in different shapes. They are so pretty ~ they look like stained glass. I tried to take a picture with them against the window, to kind of get that "stained glass" effect! We also got a set of receiving blankets, and also a little teddy bear. I really need to start getting the nursery cleaned out, because I need to get something to store everything in! The closet is full of our off-season clothes still. I think I need to get a dresser at least, to put things in! Thank you again, too, for the encouraging card, and we thank you so much for your daily prayers for us. That means more to us than everything else! Thank you again and many (((((hugs))))) to you!
Cathy & Mark


I took my boys for a walk to the post office today and had a huge parcel to carry home with us!!

Our May Gift arrived today!!! We have a family blog and hadn't posted anywhere really what our theme for our nursery would be. We are having a hard time deciding on one!! Our Secret Pal did great though! She sent us diapers and wipes in the cutest little basket, little tiny pink hangers (which I've already hung in her closet with some cute little girlie things on them), a pink crib sheet, a beautiful picture frame and the cutest handmade pillow ever!!

My favorite thing is the picture frame!!! It says...."Coming Soon....Annaliese Buhler" in it!! Oh I can not wait for a picture to be in that frame!! But for now, I have it sitting on the shelf above my kitchen sink! It will help us to remember to pray for our little one and to keep our spirits up on those "tough days"!!

She also sent some little things for the boys! Chase our oldest had to take a picture of "their" things for you all to see as well!! Too cute!!

The purple tall thing in the picture is "Cat Treats" for our cat who had kittens 3 wks ago!! This secret pal though of EVERYONE!!

Thank you so much secret pal!! You spoiled us rotten and did far too much!!

Dawn and Dale Buhler

Thanks Secret Pal!

You have great taste! I have really enjoyed our gifts so far! They fit perfectly with what we are doing in the bathroom and bedroom. Your froggy growth chart was the first official thing for the nursery! It's gotten my wheels turning and now I'm ready to start decorating.

Hopefully there will be photos posted with this blog, so I'll have figured that out and be better about it.

Thanks again!

Thank You Secret Pal - from Catherine

Wow! What a treat it was to return home yesterday to find your package waiting for me! I was excited to open it and see all the beautiful things it contained.

The cheerful pink flower was the first thing I saw when I opened the top and immediately a smile came to my face! The cozy ladybug blaket is cute and the pink frame...Perfect!!! When I saw that it read, 'Mommy's Little Girl' on it it brought tears to my eyes! There are some days when I can hardly believe that I will have a picture of my daughter to display in that beautiful frame! The frame is something I would have purchased myself. You have great taste! :o)

Thank you once again!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Thank you Secret Pal from Alison & Chris

Dear Secret Pal,
We love our nursery presents. I know we didn't give you much help with picking, but you did great! I love the soft little blanket. It is the softest thing ever. Iris will love it. We love the picture frame too. The poem and card are so sweet and thoughtful. You are a great secret pal and we send our heartfelt thanks for helping make this wait more fun_ and_ bearable!
Have a great weekend! Alison & Chris

Estok's Pal - you made my weekend exciting!

First, I must apologize to my Secret Pal - I'm sure this month's theme was difficult for you (since we don't have a nursery theme)! But you did a great job, and I love everything. The blanket rocks! I love animal prints, and it's an adorable soft animal print blanket. Next, I got a brush/comb set, and a children's ice pack set. It's a little stuffed animal, and you can put the freezable ice cube in the middle of it - very clever! Lastly, a cute container (for her dresser!) with little cute bugs on it.

Thanks, Secret Pal - you did fabulous!