Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thank You TBG SP

You have spoiled Sophie again!!! We are so glad that you are our secret pal!! The book is perfect as are the musical toy and cd's. But that little outfit for Sophie is just too cute!! We have a Tuesday mornings here too....I am going to have to check them out! To answer your questions, B is 12 years old, H is 10, we have to huge dogs Daisy and Murphy and a cat named Sasha. We have officially maxed out in the pet department!!

Thank you again secret pal, I am always excited to see your packages waiting for us on our front porch!


The TBG Family

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thank you to Paulette!

Paulette, thank you so much for being my book buddy last month! I was so excited to get Forever Lily and I am dying to read it. Thank you so much for being such a great book buddy!

Thank you to Pina Secret Pal

Hey, Secret Pal! I loved the oodles of stuff that you sent us this month! I can't find half of them to take pictures because the boys opened up their bugs and the bug goo immediately and some of the bug goo is actually on our bedroom ceiling!! Ha! Don't ask me how it got up there, but I am pretty sure it was our 5 year old! They loved it! Also, thank you so much for the photo box, the adorable frame, the CD and the photo book! Everything was awesome! I am so glad that you are remaining my secret pal for the remaining months. I definitely got lucky!

Monday, May 14, 2007

The McMillin’s secret pal is the Drakes!

I got home and got the box that is the combined gift for Mar, April and May with the reveal. Thank you for the gifts, there were adoption stickers, girl stickers and 1st birthday stickers. I will be putting the stickers to use for my next scrapbook adventure. There was a cute ladybug decoration for her room and a star photo holder for our future star. There was also a ladybug wind catcher and a travel wallet. She will look really cute in her pink dress! Thank you again! Jan, Mike and of course Leilani!

Mommie-To-Be Appleton Says, "Thanks Secret Pals"

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I really enjoyed it. Doug and I went to church and heard the children sing a song for all of the mothers. Then they passed out potted flowers and one little girl gave me one. I told Doug,"I'm not a mother yet," and my sweet husband said, "yes you are, you're a mother-to-be or a mother in waiting." He took me out to eat dinner at Outback....yum yum and bought me some more flowers for my garden on the patio. He is such a sweet hubby!
Then today I got a Mother's Day card from our March DTC Secret Pals and it says, "For the Mother-to-Be." WOW, what a cute card! Thanks Secret Pals! We love you guys too! Today after work, I went out shopping for our secret pals gifts for the month. The theme is Music and Melodies........what a fun theme to shop for! I spent about an HOUR just in the toy department! hahahahahahahaha How cute is that that I shopped for our Secret Pals and then get home and there's a card from the Secret Pals that have our names? hahahahahahaha

The McMillin's revisited....

Since we will be getting a new pal with the May exchange, I thought I would repost our information, with some changes...We are:
Name: Mike and Jan from Northern CA
Girl or Boy requested: Girl
Age requested: As young as possible...
Name: Leilani Mei
Nursery: Her room is a beachy theme...Hawaiian pink flowers fabric for the honey pine wood crib. We painted the walls with purple and lilac to break up the pink!
Likes or Dislikes: I like coffee, tea, chocolate, taking tropical vacations, cruises (probably won't be doing much of that anymore...) quilting, gourmet cooking, baking, scrapbooking, floral arranging, gardening (Egad, I sound like Martha Stewart....)
Hobbies or Collectibles: I love being outdoors working in the garden, antique store shopping with friends, flea markets, garage sales, doing crafts, spending time with family and friends.
Favorite Fragrance or Scent: Anything vanilla, especially Vanilla Bean Noel or foody scents like buttercream.
Favorite Author or Genre of books: I admit it - I don't read much for pleasure, too much reading to complete my doctorate in 2005! I have been trying to learn a little Chinese for the trip.
Favorite Movies: Anything I can rent on Netflix-going out is too expensive and I have to buy their greasy popcorn.
Favorite Type of Music: Smooth Jazz-especially Peter White and Contemporary Christian
Registered at What Store(s): Target, Amazon
Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: I am a labor and delivery nurse and I love my job! I also love surprises! I have been very, VERY bad (according to my DH) about buying things already for our little Leilani... I have a closet full of clothes in sizes from 9 mo-4 year old...I love to shop and I am really good at it! Thanks in advance to my new secret pal!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

May Secret Pal for D&D, you ROCK!

(Aren't those rattles cute?)
We got our SP box today. What nice pal(s) you are. We are lucky you are continuing!

Well, we got the most clever box of goodies for the music theme. My favorite was the karaoke mike for Sophie ("Yes, for Sophie," DH keeps telling me) to play with. (We had a karaoke wedding, so I am fond of karaoke! I am eyeing up that microphone you can be sure. If American Idol had a weird old-lady competition I'd be there!)

We also love the rattle that plays classical music! Really sweet!

Sophie will definitly be able to shake rattle and roll with these toys.

And you remembered our babies again. I think that's so thoughtful, and they really have fun with their goodies each month! I love sharing this with them.

Thanks so much!

You totally rock!