Thursday, July 20, 2006

The BeDell's love their Secret Pal!

Hi Secret Pal!
Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts! I am so sorry I forgot to post right away! I took a picture right away this time before I ate all the scrumptious chocolate, then I forgot to post! :) And now I can't find the picture I took! (That's pretty bad, since I'm a photographer!) I just have been extremely busy! Every month you blow me away with your gifts! I feel like I don't deserve you! I love all the goodies, especially the ladybug ice pack! That is so cute! I love all the bowls, sippee cups, forks and spoons, the bib and the green snack-n-go! The funny thing about the cereal bowl with the straw built in is that I already have two, one for each of my kids - and now Marissa has her own too! Thanks so much for everything! You're too much! Sorry for worrying you about the package!


Gollnick Loot !

Thank you Gollnick (tbghappenings) secret pal. Got our loot today, we love those suction cup bowls and we can't wait to use them!! They definitely didn't have those when B and H were little.

Thank you again for the thoughtful gift.

Maryellen & CO

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thank you secret pal

I received your package yesterday, and loved everything in it - especially the Book of Virtues! My kids love the puzzle and activity toy! I found them playing with it at breakfast this morning, at which point I had to remind them of their ages (8 & 16)!

We are on vacation this week, spending the days doing Atlanta things with our kids. My camera battery is dead, but I will post a photo in the next couple of days when our craziness slows down a bit. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and careful selection of all the things you put in our packages. Each box is a delight to open!

Hugs to you from us!


It arrived today...

Thank you to the Dos Santos secret pal. I hope that this picture does our gift justice!! We loved the card, too cute and all of the goodies were fabulous. I LOVE the sip and snack cup. You may not be able to see in the photo, but I immediately opened it and we have tried it on the stroller we bought a few weeks ago!! Love the colour too. I have never seen the "Bib" clips before (great for traveling!!) and the "Mix and Go" bottle is too cool as is the travel spoon set. We can't thank you enough, I was so excited to open our first Secret Pal gift and it is PERFECT!!
Thanks again for your thoughfullness, whomever you may be!!!
Kristine and Shawn

Thanks again Secret Pal

Well I was wondering what this month's gift might bring as having a 2 and 4 year old already we have quite an abundance of kiddy cups and plates, etc. So hats off to you Secret Pal for your originality. I love the fact that you thought of us and managed to find gifts on your travels this summer. The bibs are very funny and I love the little railway fork and spoon set. I just cleared out all our old baby spoons recently as I thought baby no.3 deserved a new set, rather than the much chewed ones the other two used, so I was really pleased to see the little spoons. The disposable placemats will be great to take to China with us. Thank you!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Lindbergs' July surprise

Yesterday we received our July gift - a box full of wonderful things! We got the most adorable, homemade, reversable pink apron. We also got a feeding bowl, a color change spoon, six colorful toddlers' spoons, two Ready Sip lids, two cute china bowls with cats on them, two Hello Kitty placemats and some Chinese snacks for us and some fish flakes for our cats Selma and Signe. All this with a cute card. Thank you so much, Secret Pals! We are really touched by all the effort, thought and time you put into our gifts. I can't wait to have my baby now so I can start feeding her!

Emma in Sweden with DH Dan

P.S. I know it's a bit late but we have finally come up with a nursery theme: Animals on the farm, like cute sheep (I love sheep!), chickens and cows.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Thank you Bryant Family Secret Pal

I thought I posted yesterday, but at the rate things are going with our move I'm lucky to find socks and a bra every morning to wear!!!!

We got home from househunting on Saturday night to find that the realtor had picked up the package off the front step and brought it inside. We were THRILLED as we were exhausted from driving, and househunting.

We received a wonderful pacakge of items to make food time fun, even a lovely card with a cool hand written note. What's kind of funny is that we just bought the snack bowl for our neice as she is a VERY smart and creative kid and always finding ways around locks and stuff. Too cute that we received it also.

Thanks Bryant SEcret Pal, we loved everything you sent and are so thankful to have you as our March Secret Pal!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

To the Hawkins' Secret Pal

To the Hawkins Secret Pal,
What a nice gift, thank you so much! My husband has a sweet tooth and loves good chocolate! A little music, chocolate and so many specialty items for a nice long soak!! Thank you for the perfect recipe for a nice evening!!
The Hawkins

Three Cheers for Perrotta's Pal!!

Oh, my gosh!!! THANK YOU SECRET PAL!! You make your packages so much fun to open!! This time the package was addressed to my husband and me--so I HAD to wait for him to get home. We took turns unwrapping the plethora of gifts wrapped in pretty tissue paper and just got such a kick out of everything! Of course being first-time parents we started to realize that our little one is going to need lots of cabinet space for her food and dishes!!

We received bowls with lids, spill-proof cups, portion snack cups, a fresh-food feeder (to prevent choking) and a collection of spoons--all in cheery rainbow colors and all in the take or toss make--super idea!! Those will be great to travel with to China, I'm sure. The one-shot formula bag made my husband a little nervous though, as it alerted him to the fact that our daughter will most likely be on formula, not cheese pizza, when we receive her!! :) My super Secret Pal also sent us a Cookbook for Mommy & Me and a child’s sunflower apron. Soooo sweet!! The recipes look simple and lots of fun, and I cannot wait to tie that little apron around our daughter! And just to keep things neat and tidy, our Secret Pal sent us a Dora table topper and a sweet collection of what look like homemade bibs made from hand towels--what a clever idea!! The March DTC Bib was great hit too, but I don't want it to get messy!!! :)

Oh, and I almost forgot the food!! (I didn't include that in my March DTC post. oops!) Our Secret Pal has got us covered, thank goodness!! We'll need every bit of help! She also sent us Gerber banana puffs, sweet corn puffs, and sweet potato puffs AND a box of Gerber biter biscuits--I'm so tempted to open up a box and try one!!

Thanks again, Secret Pal, for brightening up the wait time with your thoughtfulness!! You make a difference in our lives each month. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! :)

All my best,
Valerie Perrotta