Saturday, December 30, 2006

Thanks for the toys!!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful toys! Even the packages were cute. I was playing with that little lion earlier at Walmart while waiting for my oil to get changed. What a coincidence! I love any of the Lil' Einstein stuff as well as PBK items. Everything was educational and fun--just the way I like it! And I'm glad I sat them by new lighted present to take their pictures because my lighted present has already died. :(

I have been spending some time in the baby room trying to organize, mostly just daydreaming! I had all the wonderful things out that you have given us over time. You have given us so many great things already. We are truly lucky to have you for our secret pal. Thanks so much and may you be richly blessed in the new year!

The Wohlfords

Friday, December 29, 2006

The McMillin’s Marching Panda Secret Pal is…..

Scott and Chris Kramer and family!

Today, my DH brought home a HUGE box that contained the secret identity of our WONDERFUL secret pals! There was a note that was encouraging about the eventual referral of our sweet little Leilani. The box was filled to the brim with everything that we will need to travel to China. The picture doesn’t show all of the items. There are travel items for us~Purell, tissues, Charmin, Sudoku puzzle book for the long trip, gap scent shower gel. All the critical items for Leilani~ Boudreaux Butt paste, medicine dosage syringe, Q-tips, travel baby wipes, teething dragon fly, Avent trainer cups and replacement nipples, Graduate banana puffs and biter biscuits. Travel toys including an Ikea rattle, Ikea stacking cups, Baby Einstein links, Doodle Pro, Mrs. Potato Head, and Night before Christmas book. Then there were special gifts, just for me! Asian stationery and jewelry box, but most dear to me~Tastykake Butterstotch Krimpets! Now, I know all the East coast folks are laughing right now, but I love those and somehow (I’m not sure how) my secret pal KNEW it! I will make them last….at least a week ;-) Thanks for being our secret pals this first half of our journey! God bless you and your family! Mike, Jan and Leilani

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thank you to our secret pals Dawn and Michael Metott

We received our last secret pal gift today from our secret pals Dawn and Michael.
We really appreciate everything you have sent for Sophie. We're going to post a "retrospective" of your generosity on our blog this week.
Good luck with your journey to your daughter Miah; we hope she'll be home soon and that surgery, etc., will be successful as well as the transition to having two brothers! (Tough on any girl :))
Love and best wishes~
Di & Dave

THANK YOU to the SHELTON'S Secret Pal

Thank you to the Shelton secret pal! SOOOOO many goodies! The Olivia plate (I love it!), the necklace, the book, the keychain, and WOW! a gift subscription to Adoption Today! Thank you so much! My camera is broken and I can't take a picture this time! Arrrgh! But please know how much you are appreciated!

Dawn Shelton

Monday, December 25, 2006

Thank You to the Perrotta's Pal

What a treasure of wonderful goodies! The Christmas bibs, stacking cups, photo album (super), voice recording play phone (way cool), stacking blocks, and toy cars (DH was thrilled) are just great. It's wonderful having a pal who has BTDT because you are treating us to things we will really need when we go--keeping that forefront in our minds--we will go some day!! :) Of course, the lady bug ornament went on the tree immediately--too cute!! I have always had a thing for lady bugs way before adoption even entered my mind. So, thank you so much. I wish you the very best Christmas with your family and a Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Thanks to the Reeves/Kaufmann Secret Pal

Dear (no longer secret) Pal!
Thanks for the wonderful "Baby Gymnastics" toy. It looks really fun! Thanks for being such a great secret pal all of these months. It has been so fun and encouraging to receive your gifts, always a tangible reminder that a little one will joing our family, even if the wait is long. We wish you and your family the best and perhaps we will see you in China! Here's hoping for a not tooooooo long wait!
With many thanks,
Alison & Chris