Saturday, May 13, 2006

One Sweet Pal!

I just wanted to thank my secret pal for my beautiful Mother's Day Card. I came home today and as always was excited to get the mail. I saw a few envelopes that were for me and was thrilled to get more squares but then I opened this! My very first Mom-t0-be card! That was so sweet of my pal and I couldn't wait to show it to Mike. It definately made my day! I hope my pal is reading this and knows how much it meant to me. I also wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! Thanks again to my amazing pal (you just keep suprising me!)

Leilani McMillin's Secret Pal ROCKS!!!!

I want to thank my secret pal for the VERY thoughtful and very appropriate bath items for our little Leilani. As her theme is Hawaiian beachy, my secret pal went out of her way to delight me with a flip-flop theme towel and hair clip (I hope she will have more hair than I do) and a set of the squirter husband thinks she will be using them on us! That will be tons of fun :-)
I was stalking the mailman looking for my box and I didn't mind the wait! The gifts were fabulous and I am truly grateful. As this is our first baby (my husband has two adult children) I am going to enjoy my first Mother's Day as a waiting mom! Thanks again!!!!! Jan

Thanks to My Awesome Pal!

I received my awesome package on Friday. How cute is this dress! I absolutely love the Laura Ashley dress. I can already picture our little princess with a brother on each side walking in it! It is very girlie and just my style. It also has a matching diaper cover. I also love the gift you sent for June but will wait until June to share it with the group. Thanks for being so thoughtful and sending them both to me. I hope all is well and your family business is something joyful!

Cari Barnett

CO Kramer's Secret Pal

Figuring out to post a photo is too much for my overfull brain right now!! My Secret Pal sent a great package to include a present for TomAnAn...a bathnet to hold toys (a pretty one at that! most are so ugly), tub crayons...have to remember to keep it out of their hair - both kids have albinism so their hair is very absorbant of color - especially blue, wash clothes, "squirters" - those are going to China with us in less than two weeks, and a rubber ducky...your the one. You make bathtime lots of fun...and a foamy puzzle - too cool.

Thanks!!! Oh - and our address will be changing soon since we are moving to VA soon after returning from China with Eli. The movers pack and load the 3 three days before we leave.

Chris in CO

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I get to be first again!

Sorry, Guys - But I got the absolute best secret pal! Once again, I get to be the first to post my wonderful presents from my wonderful secret pal! Thank you so much! I love the fleece receiving blanket that says "I love mommy" - It's going to be very snuggly! Gonna need lots of crib sheets - love em! The ladybug is so squishy and the flower is so cute! Who knew they made stuffed flowers? And the flowery switchplate will look perfect in her nursery. You did a great job matching my garden theme! Now I just need to decorate the room! And of course, the chocolate bar was much appreciated. Sorry, Marissa - the chocolate was for mommy! My friend was cracking up at how much you have sent - she said I got "the motherload of secret pals." I truly did - you're the best. Thanks, Rachel

Oh yea, I had to copy some other folks here and post a picture of my kitty checking out the presents too. And a friend had her little girl over the other day and she was VERY interested in the toys you gave me last time - Her mommy held her off though!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Thank You From The Buhler's!!

I was on a Mommy/Son outing with our oldest and he ran in to get the mail for us! When I saw him coming with the "box", I just knew our gift had arrived!!

When we got home I asked the boys to open it for me so that I wouldn't be tempted to peak at who or where it was from!! (I'm so shocked at myself! I'm terrible with secrets!)

It was cute to see them with all of Annaliese's things! Carter, our youngest wanted to open these bath toys up SOOO BAD! I told him we needed to wait for Annaliese to come home because they were her gifts! So now the very first thing he plans on doing with her is having a bath! lol

He spent an hour sitting with the toys in their package just checking it out!
Thanks again soo much! It was so cool to see some "pink" around here!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Thank you from the Spencers

Thank you very much Secret Pal! I love the little girlie wash clothes and the bath supplies! I love the way babies smell. I can't wait to give Emily her first bath! Thank you for thinking of our anniversary as well. We love the plaque. Thank you!!