Friday, December 22, 2006

Thank you Jenni Blatt - December Book Buddy!!

Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful books and bonus Christmas cookie cutters! We absolutely LOVE everything that you sent - it was so thoughtful of you! We can't wait to read the books to our little one - hopefully next Christmas! And we will get a lot of good use out of the cookie cutters! And your Christmas card is adorable - what a wonderful family you make (and Murphy looks like a very smart dog - I think he would get along famously with our Golden Retriever, Valkyrie! :-) What fun! May you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!
God bless you!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Kadisak's secret pal

Thank you sooo much. We recieved your package today, and it was so exciting. Ivy can't wait to go shopping. It's so nice of you to think of her. She likes the little teddy too. We are going to open Addy's on Christmas morning. So- she will sorta be with us! Thanks again. Tina

Love the Ladybugs!!

Secret Pal, I am loving the two ladybug Secret Pal gifts for the Holidays! Also, the chocolate candy for the kids is great! (Is it horrible that I snuck into one of their bags and got one of the Reeses??) The beanie ladybug is going right now into the crib. Thanks so much, Secret Pal!! Have a great holiday season!!

thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you once again for the wonderful travel items. It's like you know us. We are a "musical" family, so the little musical radio is perfect. You'll have to tell me where to get refills for the travel garbage bags. I'm sure I'll use a lot of them!!! Here come dirty diapers! I wanted John to model one of the bibs, but he conveniently forgot. I can't imagine why he wouldn't want his picture on the internet modeling a bib! Thanks so much. Your gifts are ALWAYS so thoughtful, useful, and fun. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season--you can see some of my holiday "pets" in the background watching me open the gifts. Thanks again!

The Wohlfords

The Lindbergs' amazing Christmas gift

Yesterday we got the most amazing Christmas gift from our secret pal: a home made doll with a whole wardrobe of home made clothes to go with it! Our secret pal has also made a dress for our daughter out of the same fabric as one of the doll's skirts. This is truly the most wonderful thing anyone has ever done for me (or my child - more accurately!)! I'm sure my child will love this doll as much as I do. In the box there were also some delicious home made cookies and some chocolates for us and some treats for our cats (who are also getting really spoiled by you, Secret Pal!). Thanks a million times and I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Emma & Dan in Sweden

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thank you, Kim Gaudiosi!

I wanted to give a big thanks to my book buddy for the month of December, Kim G.! She went above and beyond this month with some adorable books. After having three boys, getting a Precious Moments Christmas book seemed surreal!! I love the Baby Faces Christmas book and all of the other books too! Thanks so much, Kim!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Thanks Gollnick Secret Pal!!!

Thank you again for all of your generous and thoughtful gifts! I love the little outfit you picked up for Sophie. I have put the very same outfit in my basket at Target only to put it back in an effort to be "good"! The book you chose is a family favorite and we can't wait to share it with all of our nieces and nephews as they get ready for Sophie! An extra thank you for all the little things you included just for me! I love the slippers and the Asian inspired items. Have a great holiday and thank you sooo much.

Thank you from the Dos Santos Family

Here is our December gift... isn't it wonderful!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!! You are really so kind, generous and thoughtful...I am off to put it in Isabel's room and fill the little baskets with toys!!! Big hugs, Kristine and Shawn.

Thank you from Totten Family.

This month we had some really cute gifts. For Grace- there were keys that played music and had lots of moveable parts and a Chinese Dora doll dressed in traditional clothing. For family-the neatest frames that spin so you can display many photos. Thank you to our secret pal for always finding such enjoyable gifts. We can't wait for Grace to play with these toys and to be able to display her photos.
Lenora and Matthew